Scouting for Pitbulls

What an exciting time it is to be a scout—preparing for the Eagle Project! Eagle projects must give back to the community, and Scouting for Pitbulls was a two-fold project: a donation drive for supplies and a building project to provide local charity It’s the Pits, a pitbull rescue, with two new dog houses for their shelter.

The Postcard

blanketdonationsOne of the biggest challenges of any Eagle project is the fundraising. We designed a website and a Facebook page to engage people in the project. The scout also did a door-to-door campaign, leaving postcards soliciting donations of goods to friends and neighbors.


Fundraising online


The PayPaw (Paypal) donation button was the key to the fastest, most successful fundraiser in the history of the troop. More than double the needed funds were raised in a matter of days. Some of those funds were used to upgrade materials for the project, but most was donated to It’s the Pits organization in the form of a check when the dog houses were delivered.



Fave_sfpb-2 copyAll donors were sent thank you cards with a personal note from the scout and signed with paw prints from the dogs for their help. Those who donated more than $50 were sent a commemorative patch with their cards. The design for the patch is an original vector illustration.

This project not only generated great interest in the troop and this project, but raised awareness for It’s the Pits and introduced scouts all over the states on a new avenue to focus their Eagle efforts. We received many messages from rescues across the nation asking if we could match them up with local scouts to do the same for them, and many scouts were eager to help. This project, the design, the overall BRAND has sticking power.


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