Sacred Life Publishers

Sacred Life Publishers Logo Inspirational multi-media company Sacred Life Publishers of San Diego, CA approached Drawing a Crowd with an idea for logo after working with us doing cover designs for some of their books. This logo needed to look professional, but also invoke deep feeling and inspire introspection, too.

The heart enveloped spiral is a perfect graphic to that end.
Sharon of SLP gets all the credit for the idea, we just did a fabulous job of making it real! Next we got to incorporate it into all their materials including business cards, bookmarks, and (of course!) all their books and movies! The company has grown and grown successful enough to move their home base to lovely Maui.

Sacred Life Publishers works

The Website got a total website makeover.

The website needed to serve two main purposes: to attract new writers to submit their manuscripts for publication consideration, and to serve as an online storefront for their books and products.

I set them up with a WooCommerce shopping system in a customized wordpress website. The shop has sophisticated filters to allow customers to find titles, yet the back end is elegantly simple. The no longer need html code installed for every new product and price change.

The Animated Logo

When Sacred Life Publishers branched out into video production, they needed an opening sequence for their DVDs. This rather basic animation was created using Final Cut Pro.


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