Cypress Skincare Branding, Package Design

Cypress Skincare of Laguna Beach offers an organic line of skincare products. Owner Patti Gregory approached me with an idea for her logo.

“I need a Cypress tree, one that doesn’t look scary,” she says.

Funny story–after several failed sketches, this tree showed up in a dream. I woke up and scribbled it out, cleaned it up in illustrator and framed it in a round brushstroke. I even talked her out of using Papyrus typeface for her logo. My job here is done…

But it wasn’t. After garnering a lot of positive feedback on the logo, we put together a series of labels for all of her products. Since these formulas were born in Laguna Beach, a handprinted water color background formed the base layer of the labels, and each product bears a label indicative of it’s ingredients: Hair Love contains orange oil. Foot Love? is blue for peppermint oil. Pure Love is made with olive oil.  

A particular challenge was to transpose the look and the information that needed to be included from the labels for the large bottles to a format that was as aesthetically sound and legible on a one ounce bottle. Patti has since expanded her line of products to include Dog Love for pets with challenging skin, and will soon be offering Baby Love and Beach love.

The concept and colors we used for Cypress translate very well to accessories, signage and packaging for gift packs. I look forward to working with Patti when her products expand to 100 different offerings.

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