Designing Stamp Sets and More… with Little Acres Creations

The pleasure was all mine when it came to designing stamp sets, branding, and contributing to social media marketing for this company. The woman who started the company was a self proclaimed nut, and the squirrel is her spirit animal. I was hired at a point where it seemed the marketing for LAC was solid, and effective, but they wanted to level up on their image and product design.

I created their logo with the understanding that LAC wanted a farm and country vibe, with this picket fence idea as an example. I then designed their package tags, and soon began illustrating the stamp designs themselves. It was incredibly satisfying to watch pencil sketches turn into a product, which then, in turn, was used to create any number of crafty projects.

You can see below the process of creating sketches, inking them, scanning and cleaning them up in Photoshop or Illustrator, then using the physical stamps to create sample projects to post online to encourage fans on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to get imaginative and create their own artworks.

Girl Gone Blind launches blog to raise awareness


Maria Johnson was a fitness coach, active mom, band booster, and wife with an action packed life when she began to lose her vision. Within months she was legally blind. In an effort to raise awareness of the disease that caused her condition and to raise funds for research, she launched

She now speaks at national symposiums for the blind, and is a regular host of LHON Live!, a call in talk show to discuss the problems visually challenged people face, new technology available to make life easier, and offer support to callers and listeners alike.

Maria needed a website that was easy to use, and integrates easily with her accessibility aids on her computer. She uses dictation to write her posts, and she can manage her comments, post photos, and track her visitors all on her own. WordPress was the answer. runs on a wordpress engine with customized design and plugins to manage events correspondence.

Small Wonders for Cloud Nine Studios

Small Wonders LogoCloud Nine Studios of Wesley Chapel, FL is a hugely successful family portrait photography studio. Part of their success is the development of programs and packages that bring their clients back to them time and again to photograph their growth and memories.

Small Wonders was a program launched to document the first 5 years of a child’s growth through portrait photography. The logo for the program needed to be fun and whimsical, appropriate for all collateral (web and print) and for T-shirts and perhaps denim jackets.

What a fun logo to design! Once the logo was decided, we worked on a pamphlet to describe the program.
Small Wonders for Cloud Nine pamphlet

Military Magazines and Relocation Guides

These publications are put together by Marcoa, Inc. and various military bases to introduce newcomers to the base and it’s history, and orient themselves in a new environment. I designed the covers and layouts for these and many more during my time at Marcoa, Inc.

All publications were created in Quark with automated tables of contents, master pages, systematic paragraph styles and managed sections.

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine

Published by
Victoria’s Fine Writings

Under the Creative Direction of Editor in Chief Victoria Napolitano, we were responsible for the Art Direction and Production of Hopelessly Romantic Magazine, an 80 page quarterly publication. We worked with independent photographers and editors for content, often creating the ads that ran in the magazine.

This magazine was composed in Adobe Indesign, with graphics created and edited in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Click here to view a sample issue.

Scouting for Pitbulls

What an exciting time it is to be a scout—preparing for the Eagle Project! Eagle projects must give back to the community, and Scouting for Pitbulls was a two-fold project: a donation drive for supplies and a building project to provide local charity It’s the Pits, a pitbull rescue, with two new dog houses for their shelter.

The Postcard

blanketdonationsOne of the biggest challenges of any Eagle project is the fundraising. We designed a website and a Facebook page to engage people in the project. The scout also did a door-to-door campaign, leaving postcards soliciting donations of goods to friends and neighbors.

Fundraising online


The PayPaw (Paypal) donation button was the key to the fastest, most successful fundraiser in the history of the troop. More than double the needed funds were raised in a matter of days. Some of those funds were used to upgrade materials for the project, but most was donated to It’s the Pits organization in the form of a check when the dog houses were delivered.


Fave_sfpb-2 copyAll donors were sent thank you cards with a personal note from the scout and signed with paw prints from the dogs for their help. Those who donated more than $50 were sent a commemorative patch with their cards. The design for the patch is an original vector illustration.

This project not only generated great interest in the troop and this project, but raised awareness for It’s the Pits and introduced scouts all over the states on a new avenue to focus their Eagle efforts. Troop 1212 received many messages from rescues across the nation asking if we could match them up with local scouts to do the same for them, and many scouts were eager to help. This project, the design, the overall BRAND has sticking power.

Doodles–playing with Copics

IMG_2439I’m having the best time testing out my new Copics. The Fig Men and Mumford are part of a larger project to commemorate the release of Lucasfilm’s “Twice Upon a Time,” and Donut Kitty and Cupcake Bunbun are greeting card illustrations. Botch and Flora are only outlined. They will eventually join the Fig Men and Mum on a spread.

IMG_2401bunbunIMG_2509Botch ink

All freehand doodling with Copic markers and various fineliners.

UPDATE! If you’d like to see the finished tribute to LucasFilm’s “Twice Upon a Time” click here!


Showdown Over Neptune Illustrated Cover

Any cover that is an original illustration is a pretty big deal. But Karl J. Morgan’s award nominated book, Showdown Over Neptune, presented a unique challenge in that the science fiction creatures in it were pure fantasy. Mr. Morgan had a clear idea of the concept and the vision, and he and I had to work through communication, develop and design the images of the characters for the cover.

It took several concept sketches and revisions going back and forth to get his vision right, but the final cover was worth every minute. I hope he sells a million copies!

Stay tuned, the book is the first of a trilogy, so more illustrated covers to come.


30 Days of Animated Web Banner

OK!! This old school animated web banner was done for the WNBA Connecticut Sun basketball team. Made to be place on various websites, the true test of skill on this project was to create a fully animated banner that was less than 100k, so it wouldn’t interfere with other functions taking place on the page, or with loading time.

The original banner was 40 frames long, and since this was a countdown banner, so there were 31 versions of it, counting down from 30 days to “It’s here!”Horizontial_rule

Cyntrx marketing materials

Cyntrx of De Pere, WI, is a quickly expanding company that installs and monitors gps locator devices in vehicles.

Their success locally prompted them to commission marketing materials for private sector and fleet motorpools.

The trifolds were a low cost choice. They could be mailed or delivered singly, or included in a package of materials explaining their services.

The challenge of this project was conveying the losses Cyntrx could save their clientele from, including loss of time, money, and customer confidence. Since I couldn’t find a suitable stock photo, I arranged a photo shoot and shot the images myself.

The materials had to illustrate that Cyntrx is a high tech company that hadn’t lost their humanity in the industry, and had the personnel and customer service crew to support their new and existing clients.Horizontial_rule

20th Anniversary Sapphire Sound Tournament Program

This year the program was handled by a parent volunteer, but DAC still contributed elements to the production of the book including the cover commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Sapphire Sound Marching Band.

The band director was interested in a cover that DIDN’T include images of the students, wanting only to highlight the music, the band, and the 20 year commemoration.

We stepped away from the royal blue cover that had become the trademark of the program and celebrated in gold! The program is layered with sheet music, the silhouette of a single musician, and a gigantic number 20 that can’t be missed.

The tournament is taking place TODAY, November  3. Best wishes to all participating bands!

Previous programs included covers like this:



Illustration for NAIHM

Southeastern Connecticut has a strong presence of native American peoples.

This is a special insert that was distributed with the daily paper to highlight the culture during Thanksgiving time.

The Hopi sun god mask (I know they aren’t from anywhere near the area) was such a happy  image, the original illustration dominates the front page of the circular.

It was drawn directly in Adobe illustrator.