Who is Miko?

A pragmatic designer, project manager, and illustrator who can make ideas happen, that’s who!

I’m a San Diego-based creative focused on identity building, publication design & marketing communications. I incorporate branding, copywriting, design, technology and, yes—a spark. It’s not magic, but I infuse optimism, desire, enlightenment, fun, and hope into my work and into the people I work with. That’s my talent.

As a kid I wanted to be a ninja when I grew up. The problem? My fine motor skills and creative thinking abilities FAR outweighed any physical prowess or athletic ability. So this is the next best thing—creating identities, planting seeds for thought, compiling visuals and word vibes to make those thoughts stick in people’s minds, and orchestrating the outstanding talents of individuals to seamlessly come together to create big pictures.

Design is art that performs a function. To that end, I use anything and everything at my disposal to get the job done beautifully. Because I’ve had my hands in so many projects, I know what I do well, and what others do better. I direct photo shoots, but leave the photography to the pros. I design websites that inform, sell, or perform but I leave the programming to the brainiacs who eat, sleep and breathe code. But if you need to grow a business through B2B marketing, increase sales via print or online catalogs, solicit donations by organizing a 5K Fun Run or send a message out into the world at the next big expo? I’m your guy. Me.

People I’ve loved working with: