Sakura Gakuen Redeux

When Sakura Gakuen commissioned a new website for their school, we quickly learned that the last “logo” we cleaned up for them was merely a T-shirt design, and that they had a more traditional, meaningful logo that they had been using for many many years.

Unfortunately the original logo had deteriorated over the years and the school no longer had access to the original files. The color didn’t translate well to web, and the font of the kanji was dated. Despite all of this, they wanted to maintain the traditional symbols of their established logo.

The school board, parent committee, and teachers reviewed several proposed designs for the new logo, picking and choosing the elements they liked. We stayed with the round “kamon” theme, a traditional crest of japanese families.  We kept the pink from the original logo, but chose a shade that works well with print and web, added the circle frame of the T-shirt design and updated the typeface.

Sakura Gakuen is very proud of their new logo.

The Website

The original website for the school was created by a parent volunteer. It displayed information as needed, but it was a hard coded html page and every change needed to be performed by the one person who knew and understood web code.

The new site needed to be easy to update, and enable authorized users to make changes in information, post news and events, and send out reminders to students and parents. It was created with a WordPress engine, and even the most technologically challenged teachers and staff could update their portions of the site. They were provided with training to use the site, and a manual for reference. The result is that the staff and parents are always up-to-date and on the same page when it comes to school affairs.

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