BridgeStone Logistics

Atlanta based BridgeStone Logistics experienced steady growth for several years and they were ready to bring their business to the next level. To prepare their sales staff for a higher level of marketing, they needed a sales kit which included a brochure and business cards, and a new image to go with it.

To the right is the original logo. CEO was looking for a more corporate image, and liked blue as the main color for the new image. The logo above was chosen, but we were also asked to create another graphic in banner proportions as a secondary image for their materials.

All the materials, including the logo and secondary graphic, should emphasize the grand scale of the operations they were involved in. With shipping, moving, delivery and planning happening all over the world using every mode of packaging and transportation imaginable, these materials need to state that the company is expert, established, and dependable. Many thanks to DAC team member Katie Acampora for the logo concept on this project.
BridgeStone Logistics Sales Kit


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