Designing Stamp Sets and More… with Little Acres Creations

The pleasure was all mine when it came to designing stamp sets, branding, and contributing to social media marketing for this company. The woman who started the company was a self proclaimed nut, and the squirrel is her spirit animal. I was hired at a point where it seemed the marketing for LAC was solid, and effective, but they wanted to level up on their image and product design.

I created their logo with the understanding that LAC wanted a farm and country vibe, with this picket fence idea as an example. I then designed their package tags, and soon began illustrating the stamp designs themselves. It was incredibly satisfying to watch pencil sketches turn into a product, which then, in turn, was used to create any number of crafty projects.

You can see below the process of creating sketches, inking them, scanning and cleaning them up in Photoshop or Illustrator, then using the physical stamps to create sample projects to post online to encourage fans on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to get imaginative and create their own artworks.

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